Functional Quasicrystals

The purpose of the project is to investigate the unique properties of quasicrystals that can be linked to their specific structures. Of particular interest are magnetic and electronic properties that have recently been discovered in several Tsai-type quasicrystals.

About the project

Newly discovered materials would widen the horizon for new applications in, for example, data and energy storage. Furthermore, the project will result in the development of new infrastructure that enables measurements at extremely low temperatures and high pressures.

The research is done within five different topical areas that all work towards the main goal which is to radically expand the number of known quasicrystals through innovative synthetic methods and combinations of carefully chosen metals.

Ambient pressure synthesis - Cesar Pay Gómez
High pressure synthesis - Ulrich Häussermann
Atomic structure - Cesar Pay Gómez
Non Fermi liquid properties - Lazor, Mathieu and Rydh
Magnetic structure - Deen and Henelius

The project is supported by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation.